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Slightly Stoopid 2 a.m.

Slightly Stoopid: 2 a.m.

Song Of The Day

Artist: Slightly Stoopid
Song: “2 a.m.”
Album: Chronchitis

It’s Friday, day five in Our Vinyl’s Song of the Day reggae week. Bringing you back now to more contemporary times, Slightly Stoopid, a southern California group that grew up with strong ties to Bradley Nowell and Sublime, is considered one of the torchbearers of reggae into the next generation. Blending west coast punk, hip hop, and blues (here or there) into their reggae sound, Slightly Stoopid has grown a huge fan base that follows them around the globe.

Today’s track is the hit off their most recent full length LP, Chronchitis. “2 a.m.” is one of their purest reggae tracks on the album, so give it a listen and see what you think. Who are some of your favorite current reggae artists?

Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor