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Sleigh Bells’ “Treats”

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Sleigh Bells a ringin’? More like screaming loud and clear. This hot new noise pop duo is surely attracting quite a lot of attention recently, especially after their album debut “Treats” was released June 1, 2010. There are eight songs on the album, each one being just as enchanting as the next.

Alexis Krauss’s petite, high- pitched voice matched with Derek Miller’s (ex member of Poison the Well) catchy and straight forward guitar riffs, makes you want to move to the beat, stomp your foot or bob your head. Add the element of distortion and a hint of club type mastering it is impossible to deny that Sleigh Bells will be following close behind the footsteps of veterans Crystal Castles.

Sleigh Bells possesses an artfully disorganized sound that gives you vague familiarity to other noise pop groups, but there is a piece of this duo that is difficult to put my finger on that really sets them apart from the rest. Maybe it’s the fact that Sleigh Bells is slightly troubled in their musical venture, so this “new” thrown together sound could be what this summer is calling for. Or maybe its just about time we had someone try to step into the place of Crystal Castles, it could be time for something a little fresher.

Their single “Tell ‘Em” blasts & assaults your ears from the very beginning, and after moments of tension Alexis Krauss comes in with her extremely feminine vocals to relieve you from explosion of noise, snapping, laser beams, amplified clapping and so forth. Though the music itself is exciting to listen to many of the lyrics seem to be decidedly irrelevant, nor relatable. A great example of this is the song “infinity Guitars” where the lyrics seem as if they were drawn from a hat and sung to a beat.

However, I’m not sure how important the relevancy of the lyrics really is because I feel like the more nonsensical Sleigh Bells’ songs become, the more I like them. Already Sleigh Bells is gaining a lot of popularity with their album “Treats,” having played numerous larger events with some of the more well known artists in their genre it will only be a matter of time before the guy next to you in class is asking you if you’ve heard of this “sick new group, “Sleigh Bells”, but of course you already have and this duo will no longer be under the radar instead they’ll be head lining major shows while you have to buy your tickets six months in advance.  The question is how long will this super fame last for Sleigh Bells and will there be a sophomore album?

– A. Devin Young