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Slam Dunk’s “Dying Breed”

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The only time this author got to see the ska–punk band Slam Dunk was during Sled Island at the Ship N’ Anchor. If you aren’t familiar with Calgary’s Sled Island or Ship N’ Anchor, look it up. The bar was packed and the energy was through the roof. In fact, a lot of audience had to miss Andrew W.k.’s party show that was shut down after 4 songs because Slam Dunk are not a live show you wanted to turn your back on.

These guys are just down right fun, they make you want to bounce through life while toss punches in the air for the hell of it. “Welcome to Miami” is the second release for these guys, and the entire album is ska-punk beauty. “Dying Breed” is the first single off it, and it what Slam Dunk is all about. Check out their new release and their self-titled.

Written by Danni Bauer

OurVinyl | Contributor