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Sigur Rós’ “Untitled 1”

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Trying to explain what Sigur Rós is all about has always been the ultimate challenge for anyone that falls in love with the band. “They are an Icelandic ambient post-rock band with all the lyrics sang in a made-up language and my favorite album by them is called ( )“. Hipster alert!

But complications and hard explanations aside, Sigur Rós is so special that it is impossible to describe the beauty of their music in words. Maybe that’s why they had to make up their own singing language and give their third album, released more than a decade ago, such a peculiar name.

( ) begins and ends with a guitar pedal click, representing some kind of an on/off switch that lets you turn the world off and immerse yourself into one of the finest albums from this millennium. None of the tracks in the album has an official name; they just go by Untitled 1, Untitled 2 and so on.

Untitled 1 opens the album with that could be considered one of the saddest soundtracks for any possible sad moment a human being could ever experience. It is as haunting, sad and depressing as it is beautiful.

Prepare your tears.

Written by:

Jorge A. López Mendicuti | Senior Writer


Sigur Rós’ “Untitled”