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Sigur Ros’ “Hoppipolla”

Song Of The Day

Iceland’s Sigur Ros never fail to amaze their fans when it comes to writing atmospheric music. It’s difficult to class the band under a specific genre of music but ‘‘post-rock’’ would arguably be the best answer. However there is no denying the strong elements of pop, rock and ambient/minimalist which makes this band’s music very difficult to describe.

Hoppipolla, a standout track from their 2005 release Takk…, starts off with a beautiful melody that continues to play throughout the song. During the verse, vocalist Jonsi Birgisson’s numerous vocal-tracks tie the song together perfectly with band’s carefully arranged harmonies.   It is towards the end of the song where Sigur Ros’ significance as an elite band is really showcased; raising the level of tension in a peaceful and calm way to end the song,  being accompanied by inspiring orchestral sounds.

Since winter is finally here, this track is perfect for a winter playlist for those who live in areas with snow; the track becomes even more beautiful when accompanied with a light snowfall.

Written by Alex Giardini