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Sharon Van Etten’s “Don’t Do It”

Song Of The Day

Sometimes you just need a little adroit singer songwriter music to get you over your hump-day (aka Wednesday). Today’s song is just that. “Don’t Do It” is a track from Sharon Van Etten‘s first release “Epic”. As a ghostly, yet capturing, spaced-out vocals float subtly underneath the track we hear Sharon expound her emotions through her vocals and trusty acoustic guitar. It’s slightly psychedelic, but that’s not really the point, it’s used more as a tool to support the emotional tones of the track. This is a tactic that Sharon has honed quite well in her short musical career. Notice as the song creeps upward in vitality, but never actual lets the energy spill over the edge, but your ears are continually intrigued nonetheless.

Sharon was just recently signed to Bon Iver’s label JagJaguar, hopefully you will see why with this track. But if you aren’t convinced then check out the rest of her EP, it’s one of those that slowly grows on you until, before you know it, you find yourself loving it. So give it a chance, you won’t regret it. Enjoy.

Sharon Van Etten – Don’t Do It by sxeseis