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Sharon Van Etten’s “A Crime”

Song Of The Day

Song: A Crime

Artist: Sharon Van Etten

Album: Epic

“To say the words I want to say to you would be crime..” These are quite edgy words for the first song off of your first ever EP, but that’s the wonderful brutal honesty that is Sharon Van Etten. You could also say those words are epic, but more correctly that is the title of the EP in which we find today’s song A Crime. This is a song in which all we hear is Sharon’s voice and Sharon’s acoustic guitar. She laments to here listeners the painful experience of having loved someone too much, and being burned for it. An experience, which if you can relate to, you know isn’t one ever to be forgotten. If you haven’t had that experience – well then just let Sharon paint a picture for you with this deceptively simple, yet aggressively emotive, singer-song writer tune. This girl is for real. Enjoy.