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Sexton Blake : “Girl You Know It’s True”

Song Of The Day

Artist: Sexton Blake
Song: Girl, You Know It’s True
Album: Sexton Blake Plays the Hits

With a newly added tour of the Midwest and new album in the works, Portland, Oregon based quartet STRFKR recently re-released singer/multi-instrumentalist Josh Hodges’ solo album Sexton Blake Plays The Hits on Polyvinyl Records.

The alter ego “Sexton Blake” was conceived in 2007 when Hodges’ friend asked him to quit his job and record a solo album of covers of his choice. And he did. You can hear the direction and style evolving here of what would ultimately come out of this endeavor, STRFKR.

The album spans a few generations of hits but focuses mainly on material from the 80’s and early 90’s. Hodges’ version of ill-fated one hit wonder Milli Vanilli’s number one, “Girl, You Know It’s True” takes a different turn from the pop duo. This stripped down version is a somber, wispy, tenderly desperate confession for love.

Thankfully Hodges and company have veered away from cheese schlock to encapsulate melody, depth, and danceability all while keeping Portland weird.

Girl You Know It’s True (Milli Vanilli) by starfucker_usa

Written By:
Bryan Fauth | OurVinyl Contributor