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Serk Tankian's "Harakiri"

Serj Tankian’ LP ‘Harakiri’

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If the rumors are to be believed, 2012 is going to be a very busy year for Serj Tankian. Tankian, best known as the front man for rock band, System of a Down, releases his third studio album, “Harakiri”.

The album is the follow up to his 2010 release, “Imperfect Harmonies”, and according to the aforementioned rumors, this is just the first of four new albums to be released, possibly this year from Tankian.

This album, “Harakiri”, according to interviews with Tankian, was inspired in part by events that took place in 2011, when masses of blackbirds fell from the skies and dozens of dead fish washed up on shores. A lot of the lyrics on the album deal with environmental issues, animal suicide and many other deep topics that the average metal or rock album doesn’t really tend to tackle on a lyrical level.  Tankian, always a political activist and self described poet, took inspiration from these events and used his own interpretations and turned them into several tracks on the album, including the title track, “Harakiri”. The track at its foundation is a hard hitting rock track with great melodies and excellent contrast from hard hitting to softer melodies, in addition to the haunting lyrics.

Takian’s Harakiri

Serk Tankian's "Harakiri"Tankian, who has always been interesting, unique and unexpected musician through the years, with vocal stylings that run the full gamut of range and are unmistakable, shines on this album, and not just in the rock genre. Tankian experiments with different sounds, influences and genres on several tracks on the album, and none stand out more so than the song, “Ching Chime”.

On “Ching Chime”, Tankian delves deeply into a Middle Eastern vibe and crosses it with a traditional rock anthem type of song. And then adding his own unique blend of vocals to the track, which range from singing to an almost a fast rapping style and the slightly bizarre rhyming lyrics makes for an interesting listen.

Fans of Tankian’s previous solo releases and his work with System of a Down will not be disappointed in this album. The effort as a whole actually seems to experiment with different ways build a better rock song and shows that Tankian has plenty more to offer in more than just the capacity as a lead singer for one band.

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Written by Christina Lawler

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