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Back of the Rack: September 2013

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Welcome to the September issue of Back of the Rack, OurVinyl’s monthly adventure into the world of under appreciated, highly talented, up-and-coming music artists. Here, we feature some of the best new music that we believe deserves more recognition. In an effort to get word out, we’ve worked with this month’s artists to supply you with free downloads of every track featured in this month’s issue — just click the big grey box below to sign up, and this month’s tracks will land right in your inbox for download. From there on out, you’ll receive one new email from us a month, containing another batch of free tracks for your new-music-discovering pleasure. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!


As always, we have a rich mix of music for you this month. From the heartbreaking work of Daniel Romano, to the tranquil beats of Fort Fairfield, through the pop hooks of Set Sail, and the sexy smooth flow of Harrison B, we have all the bases covered. Go ahead and sit back, slip on the headphones, and get ready for another dose of brilliant new jams.

world at largeThe World at Large – “Big Bad World”
Burlington County, New Jersey
Genre: rock, pop

World at Large, who cite the Beatles as a major influence on their infectious melodies, started as a few simple jam sessions among two friends, each having recently split from their previous groups. Before they knew it, Dom and Tim had found a drummer in fellow friend Andrew. After a brief stint without a bassist, the band posted a “bassist wanted” ad on Craigslist, and after one tryout, The World at Large was a four-piece band, with Alex laying down the bass lines. If you dig their sound, all three of band’s EPs are available for free download, from the group’s website.

aleosAleos – “Things You See”
Los Angeles, United States
Genre: hip-hop

When it comes to the frontline of electronic beat music, no scene is producing more talented musicians than Los Angeles. Home to well respected beat makers like Flying Lotus, Samiyam, Gaslamp Killer and more, the city is also where Aleos is making his tracks, including his six-track EP, “Moments.” “Things you See,” featured here, has all the ingredients fans of the L.A. scene love – looping melodies, laid back kick and snare samples, and a sense of calm and tranquility. “Things you See” makes heads bob.

glimpse trioGlimpse Trio – “I Owe You”
San Leandro, California
Genre: rock, blues

While Glimpse Trio see themselves as experimental rockers, dabbling in punk, jazz, garage rock, metal, and more, “I Owe You” is blues through and through. The simple catchline “I owe you, more than I can repay” is relatable to almost all listeners who struggle with the trials of everyday life, especially those who have someone special to help them through it all. The Glimpse Trio worked with audio engineer Oz Fritz (Tom Waits, Primus) and mastering engineer Doug Sax (Rolling Stones, the Who) on their most recent album, which alone should be enough reason to check it out.

Harrison B.Harrison B. – “Lately I”
Lascassas, Tennessee
Genre: soul, R&B

Harrison B.’s track “Lately I” opens up with some of the smoothest sax we’ve heard in recent memory, and doesn’t let off the throttle as Harrison B. lays his even smoother voice over top. Harrison B. has the vocal chops to make the strongest of women swoon, especially when the track breaks down into a brief a capella solo. The artist’s debut album, “The Harrison B. LP,” is chock full of such soulful jams. If your heart needs an emotional pick-me-up, don’t miss out on the artist’s full length effort.

Good Ol' GoatsThe Good Ol’ Goats – “The Train”
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Genre: folk, bluegrass

The Good Ol’ Goats are a six-piece group from Branbrook British Columbia, looking to play music “for the folks of the mountains.” Perhaps more interestingly, not one member of the group is over 17 years old. That’s worth repeating: The Good Ol’ Goats consists of five 17 year-olds, and one 16 year-old. With influences like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Mumford and Sons, The Good Ol’ Goats don’t just emulate their influencers – they compete on the same level of talent.

set sailSet Sail – “Hey!”
Sydney, Australia
Genre: pop, rock

Set Sail was founded on a lot of hope, even more will, and a bit of luck. It all started when two young Americans flew over to Australia to join a mutual friend in an effort to start an indie band. One EP later, the trio would head to England to perform just about anywhere people would pay attention. The group documented their adventure, gaining a strong fan base online, which would give them the opportunity to tour across the United States, and record a second studio effort. Check out “Hey!” for a taste of what they’re all about.

Amanda BroadwayAmanda Broadway – “Real Thing”
Nashville, Tennessee
Genre: blues

A graduate of the College of Saint Rose in Albany New York, where she studied Music Industry and Voice, Amanda Broadway relocated to Nashville soon after in pursuit of a career. It wasn’t long before Broadway was in the studio recording her first EP, “Me Without You,” which would climb to number eight on iTunes Blues charts just one week after release. While Amanda Broadway considers herself a blues artist, she’s not afraid to mix in plenty of other influences, such as soul, pop, gospel, and country. Check out “Real Thing” for a taste of Broadway’s signature sound.

BlackponyBlackpony – “Honey Money”
Genre: pop, rock

If pop rock is your thing, Blackpony should be a staple of your listening diet. Blending English and Spanish into their mix of catchy guitar riffs and upbeat tempos, it’s hard to not be sucked into the immediacy of Blackpony’s single “Honey Money.” Band members Cándido Vera, Eber Bravo, Jorge Vargas, Pablo Vargas, and Mario Palacios have released their work with both Fallen Love Records and Marro Records, with their newest track, “Honey Money,” being released just this past August.

Daniel RomanoDaniel Romano – “Middle Child”
Welland, Ontario
Genre: country

Daniel Romano’s brand of country isn’t the stuff heard on radio stations today, but rather a call back to the times of the true, gritty style of the genre artists such as Johnny Cash made a career out of. If country music isn’t your thing, we still ask you to give this track a full listen-through before making up your mind. Daniel Romano’s brutal honesty on “Middle Child,” regarding his broken relationship with his mother, is enough to make even the coldest of men tear up. Fans of emotionally compelling, heartstring-pulling music need look no farther.

Fort+FairfieldFort Fairfield – “Danziger Strabe”
Jönköping, Sweden
Genre: electronica

With such a relaxing, tight electronica track as “Danziger Strabe,” it’s no surprise that the duo comes from Sweden, the epicenter of electronic music today. Hailing from Jönköping, (try and pronounce that, non-natives) J Lück and T Lück, also known as “Alib” and “Papoose,” have written, recorded, and released three albums, the latest dubbed “Prenzlauer Berg,” which includes the track featured here. According to the band, “Prenzlaur Berg” “is what you get when you boil down…late nights…traveling, sleep deprivation…and staring at white walls in random budget hotel rooms.”

a0329060292_10Blank Range – “Same Sun”
Nashville, Tennessee
Genre: rock, indie

Matt Novotny, Aaron Wahlman, Jonathan Rainville, Grant Gustafson, and Jonathon Childers together make “Blank Range,” a Nashville Tennessee five-piece band who are out to capture the warmth and love that used to come with great music recorded over analog tape. One listen to “Same Sun” will bring you back to the days of popping in your favorite cassette tape. In fact, the band’s latest effort, the six-track EP “Phase II,” is available for purchase on cassette from the band’s Bandcamp page. This, along with the band’s sound, is one blast-from-the-past no one should miss out on.


That wraps things up for the September issue of Back of the Rack. We hope the tracks included in this month’s issue provide you with the perfect soundtrack for the start of Fall, whether you’re headed back to school, getting a head start on raking the dropping leaves, or just unwinding on your ride home from work.

Don’t forget to support your favorite artists in this month’s issue by following them on social media, purchasing their merchandise, or best yet, heading out to see them live at a venue near you. It’s our support that keeps these bands alive and well, so they can continue to record amazing work. Let’s show them our appreciation!

We’ll be back next month with another fresh batch of the hottest new tracks around. Hope to see you then.

Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor

About the Artist:

Jessica Yohn is currently a senior Graphic Design major at Watkins College of Art, Design & Film. Jessica loves designing for the music and skateboarding industries, being fascinated and inspired by city culture.