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Sean Hayes - SXSW 2008

Sean Hayes: “Powerful Stuff”

Song Of The Day

Artist: Sean Hayes
Song: “Powerful Stuff”
Album: Run Wolves Run

You might not know Sean Hayes by name, but you probably know his music. Subaru has recently picked up the licensing rights to his songs, and ads featuring his music have been in heavy rotation the past few months.

Similar in style to artists such as Jack Johnson and Donovan Frankenreiter, Sean Hayes scruffy vocals and rough acoustic playing charm is great stuff for kicking back after work, or waking up late on a Sunday afternoon. If you’re into this track, check out his 2009 full length effort, Run Wolves Run which is loaded with consistently well crafted riffs and sing-a-long lyrics. If acoustic rock is your thing, Hayes is one artist you don’t want to miss out on.

Written by Dean Goranites