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SDO’s “Biggie with The xx”

Song Of The Day

This could be considered an odd choice for Song of the Day. It’s not from a traditionally established artist, you can’t go buy his album, or even some tracks. And of course, the music itself is from others, well-known others at that. SDO is actually from an occasional contributor to OurVinyl named Spencer. He made this simple mashup between The xx’s Intro and The Notorious B.I.G.’s Juicy.

Biggie’s flow sits atop the beat perfectly. The rapping drops and stops right at the emotion ups-and-downs of The xx’s wonderful instrumental (which may still be their best song yet). It sounds like the rapper is in the room with the band, which is all one could ask of a mashup.

But also… this is a great SOTD choice because it reminds us that an enjoyable tune is a great thing, no matter how made, or who made by. Complex or simple, platinum seller or basement fun, when it’s good – it’s good, and then you should share.

Happy Friday everyone! (to listen to more of SDO’s fun-loving tracks go here