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scuola furano on fire

Scuola Furano: “On Fire” (Herr Styler Remix)

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scuola furano on fireArtist: Scuola Furano
Song: “On Fire” (Herr Styler Remix)
Album: 108

Today’s song of the day is a special look into a newly released remix of Scuola Furano’s On Fire. Herr Styler, hailing from Itlay’s Nano Records, released this track and in no time was picked up by many prominent DJs in the NuDisco Indy Dance scene for its undeniable merit.

What may be considered already the hit of the summer, this masterpiece has different phases throughout its wonderful progression into both melodic soundscapes and oh-so-danceable hooks. This deep track is first introduced with an ambient flute and echoing blocks before being integrated with the cruising hi hats and warm synth work for a leading bass line. The track then moves along with slight enhancements from a slew of instruments, effects and unexpected yet uplifting cadences.

The kick drum keeps the track steady and its layers in order as the chiming xylophones come in to bring a euphoric melody that is accentuated by the lo-fi resonating 50′s-like sound. The tune then drops into a full out dance party until more layers of percussion and beautifully worked vocals highlight the range of the song. Just when the good part seems to be over and that sad moment where you realize the track has run its course comes about, it comes back for one last breakdown for each part of this stellar production.

This track is not just something to listen to today, but to share with other and thrown on that summer mixtape when you are sitting by the pool with an icy drink. Enjoy!

Written By:
Danny Goodman | Senior Writer