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SBTRKT’s “Wilfire”

Song Of The Day

This song has one of the best vocal + sound interactions you’ll hear for a while. With Little Dragon’s soulfully satin voice holding down the emotive feel of the song, SBTRKT then amalgamates this with a frolicking low end (but not bass) synth line. It’s funky, animal-like, mysterious, yet still a fun loving sound (he should know something about being mysterious and fun-loving, as he wears what looks like a Polynesian tribal mask). Electronic music doesn’t have to be complex to be compelling, a fact that SBTRKT knows quite well.

This song is off of SBTRKT’s self titled album, and is – at this moment – the most well known track off of the album. And with good reason, as it appeals to  the electronic, indie, or pop fan in us all. You can listen while you drive home after work/school, or you can crank it up at your next party. Either way, you’ll enjoy!

Wildfire -SBTRKT by KYuen