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SBTRKT: Wildfire

Song Of The Day

Artist: SBTRKT
Song: “Wildfire”
Album: Young Turks

If you missed it in 2011, here it is for you now. Out of the huge mess that is post-dubstep, few have emerged as successful artists. Don’t count SBTRKT (pronounced “subtract”) in that group, however, who hit it big with his debut release, Young Turks. The popularity of the album came largely from the success of this single, featuring fellow relatively-new artist Little Dragon.

When asked in an interview where the name SBTRKT came from, the artist answered “I’d rather not talk about myself as a person, and let the music speak for itself. The name SBTRKT is me taking myself away from that whole process. I’m not a social person, so having to talk to DJs to make them play a record is not something I want to do. It’s more about giving them a record as an anonymous person and seeing whether they like it or not. If they play it, they play it.”

If you say so, SBTRKT. As long as you keep producing bangers like this one, I think we can all agree that you can call yourself whatever you want.

Written by Dean Goranites