Today's song is SBTRKT's remix of Radiohead's "Lotus Flower" - OurVinyl

SBTRKT remix of Radiohead’s “Lotus Flower”

Song Of The Day

sbtrktToday’s song is Radiohead’s “Lotus Flower”, except that it is remixed by SBTRKT. Right off the bat this song sounds good, before you even play it. There is something so tempting about this combination of musical minds. How will they attack that beat? Is it going to be raucous or finesse-smooth, both vibes that SBTRKT makes with seeming ease. Well it begins with the latter and morphs in the the former. It’s electronic, but is devoid of anything too deep, leaning more upon effected snares to deliver the timing of the song. And then it just weaves it’s way around through a forest of sounds.

Oh yeah, you might wanna play this one twice!

Radiohead’s Lotus Flower remixed