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“Satellite” from The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Song Of The Day

Song: Satelite

Artist: The Brian Jonestown Massacre

LP: Give It Back

Today’s song is not brand new, nope, but it is awesome and chances are it will be new for you. “Satellite” is a song from when BJM used to play their 60’s inspired lo-fi psychedelic pop. It’s what made them famous, among certain circles, and for good reason. To many people BJM is what 60’s music sounds like – more so than anything actually recorded in the 60’s. They just know how to hit that acoustic rock grove that infuses a party-feel without volume, and to just ride it out with a little tambourine and scratchy vocals. They mastered the simple, time and time again, and “Satellite” is an great example of how they did it. Plus, for some reason – it’s just good Wednesday hump music. Enjoy!