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Samiyam’s “Wonton Special”

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Artist: Samiyam
Song: “Wonton Special”
Album: Sam Baker’s Album

Samiyam is no rookie in the hip hop scene, but his beats are some of the freshest out there. Inspired by the days of 8-bit video games, he self-released his first LP, Rap Beats Vol. 1, in 2008, self decorating each individual album cover. Three years later, Samiyam (real name: Sam Baker) was signed by Flying Lotus to Brainfeeder Records, through whom he released his sophomore LP, Sam Baker’s Album.

Wonton Special features all the best of Samiyam’s style, creating a funky, off-beat track with wonky electronic elements. Pay attention for FlyLo’s producing influence here, along with the silly intro rap, which was ad-libbed by Samiyam himself. If you’re into this track, you’re sure to love the rest of the album.

Written by Dean Goranites