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ryan schmidet go where you belong

Ryan Schmidt : Go Where You Belong

Song Of The Day

ryan schmidtArtist: Ryan Schmidt
Song: Go Where You Belong
Album: White Horse -EP

With his third release, White Horse EP, Ryan Schmidt has taken the singer/songwriter genre to new heights by stripping the songs down to their most essential parts. Keeping the songs simple and largely unadorned puts the focus on his songwriting and musicianship. Because they are not overdone, the listener can more readily appreciate the individual elements of the songs.

Perhaps the best example of a song made more intricate by its simplicity is “Go Where You Belong”. The vocals and the delicate, hauntingly beautiful finger-picked guitar music blend together perfectly. Like many of Ryan’s songs, this one is driven by its heartfelt lyrics and remarkable vocal performance. Check it out below to hear how it all comes together.

Ryan Schmidt – White Horse EP – Go Where You Belong by Ryan Schmidt

Written by:
Stephanie Smith | Contributor