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Ryan Adams’ “Halloweenhead”

Song Of The Day

To keep going with the Halloween-themed songs, we bring you one from alt country favorite Ryan Adams. While he’s best known for his tender-hearted, more acoustic music, the man also has a streak of metal, rock and general weirdness. This song is the oddball track from his “return to roots” album Easy Tiger. At first glance the song sounds like a fairly standard rock number, with crunchy guitars and Ryan in his manly rock croon. However, there’s a lot going on under the surface. There’s song has a sense of goofy fun, which is definitely on display when he exclaims, “guitar solo!” The catch is, that’s when a keyboard solo begins. Take a listen.

Even deeper than that is when you analyze the lyrics it’s actually playful metaphor for drug use. As his first album as a sober person still in recovery, the subject or drugs and recovery is a central theme throughout the album. In this song it draws a parallel between a person’s perceptions while being on drugs and the feeling of walking around town on Halloween. ¬†Enjoy this track and have a laugh at the bizarre video Adams released for it.

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer