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rudimental home album review

Rudimental’s ‘Home’ – Album Review

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The official soundtrack to the summer is here. Rudimental‘s Home is an album that will be blasting on repeat from speakers everywhere for months to come. The quartet from Hackney, London, created something truly special with their debut album. Their life-changing performance of “Feel the Love” at BBC Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend in 2012, made it their first smash hit, catapulting them into stardom. It followed with two equally successful singles, “Not Giving In” and the most recent number 1. “Waiting all Night”. The group has finally released their first studio album that is packed with excellent songs with guests such as Emeli Sandé, John Newman and Angel Haze. And it is not just the record that’s been created with a little help from their friends – Rudimental’s live performances can feature up to 12 people on stage, and the number may only go upwards! The group’s music rudimental home album reviewtranscends genre boundaries, bringing together sounds – as well as fans – of drum and bass, jazz, R n’ B, pop, dance and more to create a unique musical experience.

The record begins with the title track, “Home”, sang by Syron. The moody music and smooth vocals sound inviting, creating an entrancing atmosphere that instantly draws in the listener. It seems only fitting that a title track to an album entitled Home sounds so comforting, yet fun at the same time. A similar mood is found in “Hide”, featuring Sinead Harnett. A modest helping of keyboards and horns create an atmospheric feel to this vocal-driven song. The tune then picks up the pace, culminating in a moody saxophone solo. It’s one of many tracks giving testimony to the group’s effortless way of blending musical styles to create interesting and fresh sounds.

In contrast to these smooth tracks, there are songs that are inspiring and exploding with energy. “Not Giving In”, featuring John Newman & Alex Clare, is a prime example. This feel-good anthem is instantly uplifting, with the drum and bass backing making it a party favorite. And then of course, there’s the massive sound of “Feel the Love”, also with John Newman. This song shouldn’t need an introduction at this point, but if you are unfamiliar with it, then check it out and find out what you’ve been missing out on all this time!

Rudimental’s “Feel the Love”

It’s time to focus for a while on the brilliant vocals featuring on this album. There are enough amazing voices on this record to justify a separate article, so it’s difficult to choose only a few. Becky Hill delivers a powerful and emotional performance in “Powerless”. Her soaring voice contrasts with the intensity of percussion, and yet the two seem to complement each other. The record also features guest appearances from one of the most successful vocalists currently on the British music scene, Emeli Sandé. She co-wrote two tracks, “More Than Anything” and “Free”, which she also sings and sounds amazing each time.

rudimental home album reviewAs if all this wasn’t enough to convince you of the quality of this record, Home also features tracks that have already become club classics, such as “Spoons” (feat. MNEK & Syron), “Hell Could Freeze” (feat. Angel Haze) and “Waiting All Night” (with Ella Eyre), and has a lot more excellent songs such as “Right Here” (feat. Foxes) and “Give You Up” (with Alex Clare).

The album concludes with the brilliant freestyle of “Solo”. This over nine minutes long composition is just as good as it is entertaining, featuring great performances by Ella Eyre & Mark Crown, a great trumpet solo and the general brilliance of musicians performing a jam together. It’s quite an unusual track, and yet it feels right and very much in keeping with the rest of the record. Perhaps it’s because it captures the essence of Rudimental – the pure joy of creating music.

A debut album is a way of introducing your sound to the world and many bands could learn how to make the best first impression from these guys. This record has been long time in the works, but it’s been worth the wait. It is full of great sounds, amazing performances and fresh ideas, all compiled into a tasty combination that will impress and enthuse listeners of many and varied genres. But most of all, it’s an album that’s about the spirit of community, friendship and working together to create something special and inspiring. It’s a record that’s bursting with youthful energy, positive vibes and contagious enthusiasm. It makes you feel light and young at heart. It makes you feel at home, wherever you are.

Written by Natalia Gronowska

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