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Rubblebucket: Silly Fathers

Song Of The Day

rubblebucket silly fathersArtist: Rubblebucket
Song: “Silly Fathers”
Album: Omega La La

“Silly Fathers” is another fun hit from horn-studded indie dance band Rubblebucket. Catchy pop guitar starts the song and strums through the chorus for an upbeat effect.  Bass and drums, and later keys, keep the beat under Kalmia’s voice, and when she’s not singing trilling keys and wailing horns make a beautiful bridge. Low key but happy, this song kicks butt live sending the audience into a bouncy groove. The lyrics aren’t the easiest to interpret but they’re memorable and fun to sing along.

Making the festival rounds this summer, Rubblebucket is leaving an impression and their Dance Police are writing tickets. Check them out at Camp Barefoot in West Virginia and more. Also, check out the RAC remix.

Silly Fathers by rubblebucket
Written By:

Meghan Bender | Senior Writer