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rubblebucket came out of a lady

Rubblebucket: Came Out of a Lady

Song Of The Day

Artist: Rubblebucket

Song: “Came Out of a Lady”

Album: Omega La La

This is a fun, upbeat tune from the 8-person New York indie-dance band Rubblebucket, whose 2011 album “Omega La La” pushed them into the spotlight as one of the bands to watch this year. Horns, keys, and drums lead in to a cheery brass chorus. Singer and sax player Kalmia Traver delivers alto vocals with gusto and clarity, singing a praise to a lover (perhap’s Kamlia’s boyfriend and bandmate Alex Toth). The bridge slows down a bit, but builds back up to a fun and dancey horn part. A whistling melody also lends to the happy vibe of the song.

Rubblebucket is making the festival rounds this summer hitting Summer Camp, Wakarusa, All Good, Camp Bisco, Camp Barefoot, and many more. The band is currently on tour and recently released their “Live in Chicago” CD/DVD available on iTunes.

Written by:
Meghan Bender | Senior Writer