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Rodion’s “Alagoas Cowboys”

Song Of The Day

Artist: Rodion
Song: Alagoas Cowboys
Released by Gomma, For Ever Remixes

Rodion is a perfect example of the Nu Disco movement that is beginning to truly emerge in the United States after taking over the club scenes in the UK.  Reigning as one of the top DJs to emerge from Italy, along with Dusty Kid and Crookers, Rodion provides a new element to his own local scene by providing fresh and current take on dance music.  As featured in many of his tracks, you can expect to hear walking basslines, four on the floor beats, and relative samples and breaks that will have you and your friends boogieing until the track stops.

In this Song of the Day feature, we will explore into the space disco realm of the wild west with Rodion’s version of how Billy the Kid may have DJed his own party had it been on Mars in the year 2300.  You will first hear a cosmic progression that seems as if it were extracted from space only to be brought back to the theme of this western goodie that will take you to the Wild West and think nothing of cowboys and rolling tumble weeds as the disco bassline and western whistles circle around the room.  Do not to be shy to dance to this track as well as explore the world of Disco that is waiting for you.

By Danny Goodman