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rockwell knuckles play catch

Rockwell Knuckles: Play Catch

Song Of The Day

rockwell knuckles play catch

Artist: Rockwell Knuckles
Song: “Play Catch”
Album: You’re F*cking Out, I’m F*cking In

Bump today’s Song of the Day through some good speakers; heavy bass layered over vocal samples and tight rhymes make for a dynamic and fun hip hop/bass hybrid.

Most prominent is the bass, the drums creating somewhat of a melody of their own. The next bit that comes in is a beautiful female voice sampled in the back, doubled up and laid over each other. Horn-like synth falls somewhere in the middle creating the melody. Rockwell Knuckles raps, and even sings, adding the final piece of the puzzle. His style is bouncy and flows with a musicality and rhythm that makes this song less of a rap song and more of an electric hip hop remix.

Rockwell Knuckles of St. Louis gained popularity after performing at artist launchpad SxSW Festival in Austin, TX. This song was first brought to this author’s attention in the soundtrack to Teton Gravity Research film “One For the Road,” which is highly recommended. Seeing pro skiiers take on some of the craziest mountains in the world to dropping bass and slick rhymes will definitely add to your listening experience.  The soundtrack won Best Soundtrack at the International Freeski Film Festival in Montreal, Quebec.

PLAY CATCH by KR_RockwellKnuckles

Warning: Potentially NSWF (mild profanity)

Written By:
Meghan Bender | Senior Writer