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Roadkill Ghost Choir’s “Bird In My Window”

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Old friends of OurVinyl’s since their song Beggar’s Guild was featured in our September Back Of The Rack compilation from last year, Florida’s Roadkill Ghost Choir have been quite busy lately.

With their EP Quiet Light freshly released, a set of dates at major festivals such as Shaky Knees and The Governors Ball along with Kings Of Leon, The Lumineers, Jim James, Grizzly Bear and Kanye West among others, and a no-stop tour throughout 2013; the guys managed to take some time off and release their first official video.

Done by the artist Jaime Margary through a yearlong endeavor, the video features a heartbreaking animation of an astronaut departing from this world and being embraced by the sun and space. A work comparably breathtaking as Kashmir’s Rocket Brothers, this new take on Andrew Shepard’s tune from Winter EP could be considered one of the best video/song combos of the year.

Bird In My Window sounds like a lost Eagles-meet-Crosby-Stills-&-Nash ode to loneliness and destiny embracing, it is just plain beautiful and mesmerizing.

Written by:

Jorge A. López Mendicuti | Senior Writer


Roadkill Ghost Choir’s “Bird In My Window”