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RL Burnside

RL Burnside: “Someday Baby”

Song Of The Day

Artist: RL Burnside
Song: Someday Baby
Genre: Blues (5/7)

Today’s song comes from a legend and pioneer in delta blues. Burnside didn’t receive much recognition until the 90’s but, has been recognized by Muddy Waters, Bono, and Iggy Pop for his talent. RL had a pretty interesting life and dealt with a large number of challenges. He moved from Mississippi along with family to Chicago in 1944. After the move to Chicago Burnside’s father, two brothers and uncle where murdered within a year.

Burnside also spent time in jail after killing a man during a game of dice. When asked he explained “I didn’t mean to kill nobody … I just meant to shoot the sonofabitch in the head. Him dying was between him and the Lord.” His son now plays with the North Mississippi Allstars and his grandson played drums with him during the later part of his career.

Take a listen below to this interesting character’s approach to the blues.