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Riverboat Gamblers’ “Alexandria”

Song Of The Day

Artist: The Riverboat Gamblers
Song: ”Alexandria”
Album: Underneath The Owl

To continue in the spirit of sharing lots of fine rock from the Lone Star State this week, we bring you the Riverboat Gamblers, a fun and energetic band that could very well be Texas’ own International Noise Conspiracy. They have punk tendencies and act on them with ferocity at times, but mostly they just use that passion and energy to transform catchy pop melodies into fist-pumping anthems the help you work up a sweat. Check out this fun number from their 2009 album Underneath The Owl, titled “Alexandria.”

This song is only two and half minutes, which seems pretty short by modern standards, but sometimes that’s all you need to create an awesome song. The song tells a story, gets you rocking and singing along but leaves just you’re enthralled, never over-staying its welcome. They too were at Dia De Los Toadies this past weekend, putting on the most high-energy set of the day, thrashing around the stage and leaping into the audience. If you ever have the chance to catch this band live, you’re doing yourself a disservice by not checking them out. They’re that good.

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer