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Rise To Remain - City Of Vultures (2011)

Rise To Remain’s LP ‘City of Vultures’

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Rise To Remain are a band that has taken the UK underground scene by storm, and has kicked any naysayer in the shin on their rise. The band is made up of: Austin Dickinson, (vocalist and also the son of Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson) Joe Copcutt, (Bass) Patt Lundy, (Drums) and completed by Ben Tovey and Will Homer (Guitar).

Despite forming nearly five years ago, only in the past year have they gained their rise to fame. After receiving the prestigious Metal Hammer Golden God award for “Best New Band” and “Best British Newcomer” in KERRANG! Magazine, and then rose once more when they supported Iron Maiden, Korn and Funeral For a Friend.

Rise To Remain are a band that produce tracks filled with unflawed and pure brutal metal, enough to curl your nails and split your hair. And it’s said on the grapevine that they are a band that not only sounds great on records, but they follow through live too.

“Nothing left” produces riffs and melody that any band that could would relish and turn it into their own. The track showcases the amount of potential the band has, especially with the drumming techniques of speed and vigour.  While the band has only just found it’s feet in the big world of metal, they have changed the way the game is played and will be something for youngsters to be inspired by.

“The Serpent” is purely ingenious. A whole three and a half minutes of riffs varying from melodic to absolute hardcore, and then branch off into the primitive and brutal breakdown. The track starts off with a trademark cut-throat scream that will denote the song from others, and then continues onwards into the chorus. In the chorus you can identify aspects that Austin has received from his father, making his pedigree obvious, and the vocal range from brutal screaming to harmonious singing (the switch between these really lets the idea of duality shine) makes his talent apparent. Commencing at 2:47 to 3:10, is the two guitar players and the drummers roll of the dice, where they really do show what they are made of, the playing of the instruments’ is impeccable, innovative and really does strike a feeling of awe inside, with a huge scale solo coming from the guitars, and every drumbeat having the primordial kind of feeling to it. The quantity of diverse styles and genres compacted into this one song could have been disastrous, yet Rise To Remain manage to coalesce metalcore, melodic hardcore and even petite bits of death metal into something supreme.

Although not everything is original about the band (but hey, what is nowadays? There are so many artists around), they are a breathe of fresh air, something new in the oxygen tank. Every song tells a story, and whether it be heartfelt or ferocious, you feel involved and embroiled into the unfathomable depths of the album, and frankly, you will have the album on repeat for days. Of course having a father in one of the biggest metal bands ever to have lived is going to help you go places, but you cannot help but give the band credit for how far they’ve come, and notice the endeavors and steps they have taken to get there.

Being as young as they are, even if you don’t like the music they make, you have to contain at least an ounce of respect for these guys, because the talent running through these five men is staggering.

Written by Regan Foy.