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Ren Harvieu

Ren Harvieu’s “Forever In Blue”

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I love movies. One of the favorite sagas of childhood was James Bond, not for the movie itself, but for the videogames that came with every movie released (you have to admit Goldeneye was a pretty sweet one) and the soundtracks surrounding them.

Back when MTV played music videos, one of my all-time favorite Bond themes took over 1999. It was The World Is Not Enough for the movie of the same name, sang by Garbage. There was something in Shirley Manson’s voice that was oddly captivating, something I had never experienced in previous female voices through my 9 years of life (remember this was the Britney/Christina era, so there wasn’t much to hear from).

There have been decent Bond themes ever since: Jack White and Keys hard version wasn’t bad at all and Adele’s revival cut was amazing. But never before this writer had heard a song that stroke that old nostalgia string through his ears, until now, 15 years later. Even better, it was provoked by the voice of a British singer.

Ren Harvieu is one of those lucky artists spotted through technology, being discovered a couple of years ago through MySpace. Her voice sounds stolen from another era, back when women took over hip club stages and made sweet love to the top of pianos and alcohol was illegal (sweet times). Seductively and overpowering, Harvieu’s Forever In Blue sounds like an official yet unreleased Moore era James Bond Theme.

Sensual without obscenity, classy, string arrangements: close your eyes, things about those elements and picture an obscure silhouette shooting through a hallway and running around searching for something in slow motion. Picture Bond falling into oblivion, bruised and full of blood, with Forever In Blue playing in the background. Suddenly I feel the urge to dress nicely in a tuxedo and play Goldeneye.

Time to take out that old Nintendo.

Written by Jorge A. López Mendicuti

OurVinyl | Senior Writer


Ren Harvieu’s “Forever In Blue”