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Rems Floating Chandlier

Rems Floating Chandelier: “When I’m With You I Feel Strange”

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Our third chillwave track of the week comes from Rems Floating Chandelier. To be completely honest I have no idea how these guys landed on my Ipod. I can’t remember for the life of me when or where I downloaded the album. The track “When I’m with you I feel strange” came on yesterday and I felt it was another perfect fit. Before I posted the article I tried to look up some more information on the band. I was surprised to find out that the group is somewhat of a new project.  

I have yet to contact the group but it sounds like a few college students experimenting with new sounds. This particular track creatively combines samples and loops into a beautiful ambience.  For some reason I couldn’t help but be reminded of the classic Primitive Radio Gods track “Fading Out“.

If you enjoy the music the band is giving away their album for free on their Bandcamp page:

If you liked this track or any of the other tracks this week be sure to check back tomorrow for the next chillwave track in the series.

When I’m With You I Feel Strange by RemsFloatingChandelier