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Red Buffalo’s “My Mind”

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Third place winners of last year’s La Nueva Sangre del Rock battle of the bands; Red Buffalo were awarded with some studio time to record their first EP Morning Lights. The first song released through social media and word of mouth was My Mind.

Influenced by their love of bands like The Greenhornes, The White Stripes, old blues tunes and The Kills, Morning Lights is pure blues/rock played with the basic guitar/bass/drums combo and sang through their female lead singer’s Mosshart-like deep voice.

Red Buffalo was born through the minds of the front-woman Abby Von Grimm and the boys Fernando Valentin, Aldo Shomar and Lalo Espinosa, whom live literally in front of each other in a neighborhood located in Tultitlán, an area just outside México City. After playing for the last couple years at some of México’s biggest venues (like the Plaza Condesa, the Lunary at the Auditorio Nacional) as opening act for several local music festivals, this underage band is currently recording their second EP.

If you feel like keeping up with the band, here’s their official site

Written by:

Jorge A. López Mendicuti | Senior Writer