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Rasputina’s “If Your Kisses Won’t Hold The Man You Love”

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Song: If Your Kisses Won’t Hold The Man You Love

Artist: Rasputina

Album: Frustration Plantation

We all need a little girl power in our lives, but it’s quite certain that your standard Shania Twain or Adele just won’t cut it sometimes. Instead, you want empowerment that even maybe Edgar Allen Poe could enjoy. Therein lies the beauty of this 1920s cover from Rasputina. It’s full of sass and electric violins that sound menacing and churning, but just under the surface there’s some humor in her inflection on lines like “that’s what God made sailors for!” They’re one of the most unique bands in the business today and this great little track expresses many of the qualities that are so likable about this band-wonderful vocals, unique instrumentation, and subject matter that you won’t find on your average radio station.

By Jarad Matula