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Radiohead’s “The Butcher”

Song Of The Day

Song: The Butcher

Artist: Radiohead

Album: Record Store Day special 2 song release

Today’s song, “The Butcher” was released by Radiohead as part of a limited 2 track 12 inch vinyl for Record Store Day. Consequently, anyone who purchased ‘The King Of Limbs’ from Radiohead’s website received an email informing them that they were entitled to a free download of the two tracks. So while there was no secret second half of the ‘The King Of Limbs‘, these 2 songs, when added to the 8 within that album, does help to fully round out the album and save it from any argument of being “too short”.

This song is an alluring one, which does sound “Radiohead’esque”, but is still something of a sonic surprise. With a marching drum line the central focus of the beginning of the song, as grand piano and spacey sonics start to float in as Thom’s indiscernible lyrics challenge us to find any concrete substance. Whether one finds any is a subjective experience. But either way, by the time the song jumps into its gyrating & dark side 2/3rds of the way though, it is clear substance is not necessary for enjoyment. Just like most of ‘The King Of Limbs’, this song is more about playing with sound that song-writing. But that’s okay, because nobody plays with sounds quite like Radiohead can.