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Queens of the Stone Age Make it wit chu

Queens of the Stone Age’s ‘Make it Wit Chu’

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Queens of the Stone Age have always been tapped into one thing: how to make sensationally good rock music without fail. That didn’t change when 2007’s Era Vulgaris hit the scene, and especially when they released the single ‘Make It Wit Chu.’

Although they are described as hard rock and garage rock, the band introduce a soulful 70’s psychedelic sound in the midst of all the harsh songs on the album. Lead singer Josh Homme shows off his oh-so-sensual vocals in this track, being able to reach high pitches and dig into the deeper notes. A slow track is unusual for the band, but it shows their diversity and their softness.

No Queens of the Stone Age song would be complete without a terribly intricate guitar solo and that was never forgotten in the writing of ‘Make It Wit Chu.’ Although a slow solo in-keeping with the songs tempo, it’s high pitched and again has elements of psychedelic and garage rock.

It’s one of those classic rock songs that you cannot love, and love it yet, you haven’t played it enough. Listen to it below and prepare to be sucked into the warp that is Queens of the Stone Age. And ladies, if Josh Homme’s vocals can’t win your heart, we don’t know what will.

By Sarah Keary

OurVinyl | Contributor

Queens of the Stone Age’s Make It Wit Chu