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Purity Ring Obedear

Purity Ring’s “Obedear”

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Purity Ring has not even released an LP, and there is a big buzz about them. In fact, last night they played the sun set spot at Pitchfork festival – something almost unprecedented for a band without a full length release. But there is damn good reason for the buzz. This band, and their upcoming album, are amazing.

Today’s song is Obedear. If you don’t enjoy this tune, check your pulse. It is a perfect Saturday song, ready to make you move, ready to make you smile and enjoy yourself. The spacey intro. The wonderful thick & minimal use of the kick drum (or electronic equivalent). The almost southern rap like bouncing synth line. The sweetly effected vocals. This is contemporary music, but is pushing the envelope. It’s universal – in the best way.

Turn it up & enjoy your Saturday.

By Sean Brna

OurVinyl | Editor

Purity Ring’s Obedear