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Punch Brothers’ “Airbag”

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Artist: Punch Brothers
Song: ”Airbag”
Album: N/A, performed live only

What do you get when you combine the a song from one of the greatest bands and albums of all time with the best and brightest instrumentalists the bluegrass/traditional music world has to offer? Pure bliss. This cover of the opening track from Radiohead’s magnum opus OK Computer remains very true to the original, but trades the fuzzed-out electric thrill for gently plucked strings. The trade-off is sublime as the Punch Brothers execute one of their many concert-only Radiohead covers with deft precision. These musicians are true craftsmen.

Punch Brothers’ “Airbag”

Our Vinyl has featured them before on Song of the Day and we praised their live brilliance during SxSW, so if it wasn’t apparent before, this is an amazing band worth your time. Their album that was released earlier this year, Who’s Feeling Young Now? is a gorgeous and captivating album that features another Radiohead cover in the form of an absolutely stunning instrumental version of “Kid A.” Even if you’re not the type that usually goes for bluegrass and folk, consider these Radiohead covers your gateway drug. Because once their music grabs you, it doesn’t let go.

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer