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Portugal. The Man’s “People Say”

Song Of The Day

Artist: Portugal. The Man
Song: “People Say”
Album: The Majestic Majesty

Portugal. The Man has been getting a lot of press lately, and for good reason. Their newest release, “In the Mountain In the Cloud” has been a refreshing change in scenery in this year’s LP releases. It was also their first release on the major label Atlantic Records, after releasing the majority of their material on Approaching AIRballoons.

Fans of Portugal. The Man have fallen in love with their live, acoustic renditions of the band’s studio-songs. Begging for a collection of these unplugged versions, Portugal. The Man released The Majestic Majesty in 2009, an acoustic accompaniment to The Satanic Satanist, featuring all but one of that album’s songs.

Featured here is “People Say,” one of those acoustic tracks. It’s a call for attention from us listeners, delivered from the top of a pretty tall skyscraper. Check it out.

Written by Dean Goranites