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portugal. the man

Portugal. The Man: “So American” (Woodkid Remix)

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portugal. the man

Artist: Portugal. The Man
Song: ”So American” (Woodkid Remix)
Album: In The Mountain In The Cloud (original version found here, remix found on Soundcloud)

It’s the 3rd of July and with tomorrow being Independence Day, it’s time to get into the patriotic spirit. To prep you for the big day we bring you an epic remix of Portugal. The Man’s “So American” from Woodkid.This should be on everybody’s 4th of July playlist.

Don’t be fooled by the word remix. This is no glitchy, ambient beat-driven perversion of a great song. No sir, this is a remix that takes the guitar rock sound of the original and replaces it with strings, bells and snare drums. In other words, it’s much more akin to a symphonic John Philip Sousa number about America than it is a rock song. It gives an already epic and beautiful track a downright hymnal feel.


All that’s missing is the sound of bursting fireworks in the background.

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer