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portugal the man main man

Portugal. The Man’s “Main Man”

Song Of The Day

As part of a celebration concerning T. Rex’s album The Slider, KCRW handpicked some bands and dj’s for new takes on some songs from that 1972 breakthrough album.

Among the honored to be a part of such project was the Alaska/Oregon combo born band Portugal. The Man. And the song chosen for a brand new outfit was The Slider closing track Main Man. Recorded out of the acoustic comfort zone as the original, only vocal singularity was present in the vocal chords of John Baldwin Gourley and Zachary Scott Carothers, along with a simple string arrangement from special guests and sweet sexy basic rhythmic by Kane Ritchotte, Kyle O’Quin and Noah Gersh.

The result is a classy and sexy beast of a tune: heartwarming, hip movement inducer, head banging fuel, bad mood medicine. And this is what separates real tributes from merely copycat covers.

If this remix was released as an original back in the day, it would be a modern standard: panties would’ve dropped, couples would’ve danced along, more babies would’ve been born and Marc Bolan would be proud.

Written by:

Jorge A. López Mendicuti | Senior Writer



Portugal. The Man’s “Main Man”