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Portugal. The Man Concert @ The Blue Note- 10/11/11

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Portugal. The Man brought some sun to an otherwise dark, gloomy Tuesday night at the Blue Note in Columbia, Missouri. Playing many of their popular songs, the band had the place in a state of absolute awe and excitement. The show began with special guests Alberta Cross. Many fans at the venue hadn’t heard of the group, and there was much hesitation within the audience as the opening act took the stage. Shortly after the first song started driving through the speakers, and lead singer Petter Ericson Stakee started belting into the microphone all doubt within the crowd was removed.

Alberta Cross continued to play a powerful forty-five minute or so set, keeping the crowd engaged the entire time. By the time their set had finished the audience was in complete admiration at how musically talented the opening act had been. After a short fifteen-minute intermission, the stage went dark and as a pounding drum started playing, a strand of blue lights lit up the stage in a haze of smoke and fog. The fog continued to pour from the stage into the audience as Portugal. The Man began their more than two hour set.

“The Sun” by Portugal. The Man by Portugaltheman

The giant lights spanning the whole stage, changed colors to the beat of the music, making the songs feel even more emotionally driven. Singer John Gourley periodically interacted with the packed house throughout the show, giving it an even more intimate and personal feel. Many fans cheered as the band played through their hits like “The Sun”, “People Say”, and “Lay Me Back Down.” Playing with such intensity and precision, it was obvious that they aimed to create a complete atmosphere for the crowd. They continued to play to a completely enthralled crowd, and then finally left the stage making the entire gathering chant for an encore.

After about a two-minute wait, the band came running out to appease the wishes of the screaming fans with an encore. The entire venue felt like it would come crashing down as fans cheered in pure delight. The band played a three-song encore, which left several fans speechless afterwards. The incredible opening band, Alberta Cross, the outstanding atmosphere, and the sheer musical ability of Portugal. The Man made for an overall exceptional and captivating concert. Every fan left the Blue Note after the show realizing that they had truly witnessed a unique and incredible experience.

Make sure to keep an eye on both Alberta Cross and Portugal. The Man in the future, because both bands have a lot more to give.

By Denny Ganahl