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Ponyrex’s “NFWS”

Song Of The Day

To all those with a particularly strong hangover to remember or who are experiencing one today, remember: there’s No Fun When you are Sober. That’s the motto on this party electro/rock anthem crafted by this band from Guadalajara, Ponyrex.

NFWS works as an instructional sounding manual with all the dos and don’ts any party goer must take into consideration while leaving the sober zone. Wrapped up in a hard/rock/electronic beat with a rollercoaster sense of rhythmic changes, this song appeals for both rock and club music fans.

With their first album entitled Zeta launched last year, the band created by Alfredo Cabello, Dan Salazar and Alex Hernández has played many festivals and shows around the country alongside Public Enemy, VHS Or Beta, Felix Da Housecat, Peter Murphy and such.

Plans for a brand new EP are currently on the table, as the members are touring with their respective side projects.

Written by:

Jorge A. López Mendicuti | Senior Writer