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Poe’s “Haunted”

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poeHappy Haunted Friday! Sometimes we need a little sensuality in our spooks. 90s alt rock mystery woman Poe will deliver just that for your Friday afternoon. “Haunted” is the perfect track to keep the Halloween spirit strong but add a little hip-swaying and a decidedly feminine touch. This song is from her second (and tragically last) album, also titled Haunted. The first real song on the album, it really sets the stage and narrative for a twisted dive down the psyche of a woman haunted by her past, her father, and a strange house that takes on a life of its own. The house elements are borrowed from author Mark Z. Danielewski, her brother, and his striking novel released around the same time, House of Leaves. As a side note, if you’ve never checked out that book, do yourself a favor–track it down and read it immediately. It’s one of the most striking and uniquely structured books this author’s ever encountered. As for Poe’s titular song, this track deftly combines rock, electronic elements, samples and her unmistakably provocative voice to create an epic song. Take a listen right here.

Poe’s “Haunted”

The album came 5 years after her breakthrough album Hello, which featured the hit singles “Trigger Happy Jack” and “Angry Johnny.” While Haunted saw mild commercial success with singles “Wild,” “Haunted” and a remix of “Hey Pretty” that featured her brother reading excepts from House of Leaves, it failed to garner the attention that her first album did. From there things only got worse as arguments with her record label having silenced the singer ever since. It’s a shame because Haunted is an engrossing artistic statement and far more cohesive work than her debut. While there was no video for “Haunted,” enjoy this old live performance of the song recorded on the Craig Kilbourn show.

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Jarad Matula | Senior Writer