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PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey’s “Written on the Forehead”

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Let’s keep the appreciation for female vocalists going today with a song from Alternative Rock legend PJ Harvey. Last year saw her release an album that is arguably the crowning achievement of an already towering career. ‘Let England Shake’ was focused in its topic of war’s impact on the English psyche yet saw Ms. Harvey venturing into fresh musical territory yet again, especially on display in today’s song, “Written on the Forehead.” Listen here:


Your ears do not deceive you, the song uses a sample from the classic Reggae song “Blood and Fire” that feels odd amidst the quiet, reflective song, yet it’s just strange enough that it works brilliantly. Unlikely combinations such as this are a gamble that can be seen as a strange attempt at reaching a new audience with mixed results; her music isn’t known for use of samples but it drives home the message of the song brilliantly and adds a celebratory tone to somewhat downbeat tune. Enjoy this beautiful piece and have a great weekend.

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer