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Pixies’ “Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)”

Song Of The Day

Sundays are a day to relax. And what better way to relax than with a breezy summer song? Many have heard Pixies’ song “Wave of Mutiliation” from their classic album ‘Doolittle,” but have you heard the “UK Surf” version? Listen and try not to imagine yourself gently rocking back and forth in a body of water, drink in your hand:

Despite having a sound they were more or less known for in songs like “Where Is My Mind” and “Gigantic” that have some amount of bombast, Pixies are a diverse band capable of slowing it down and taking it down a notch when the song calls for it. They sensed that potential in this otherwise rocking tune and completely transformed it.

If this song doesn’t make your Labor Day/lounging by the pool mix, I don’t what will.

Written By Jarad Matula

OurVinyl | Senior Writer