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Pink Floyd's "Speak To Me"

Pink Floyd’s “Speak To Me”

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There are two sides inside every one of us, light and dark. Each side is painted with conflict, greed, time, death and insanity colors. Forty years ago, a band was able to turn those colors into music.

The Dark Side Of The Moon was released on March 24th 1973 as a low key album for a weird band with a new lead vocalist and an insane leader just fired from it. But it exploded inside the minds, ears, hearts and record players of sane and insane people: The Dark Side Of The Moon had touched a nerve within all of us; it spoke to us and them.

A masterpiece and wide influence on a huge amount of artists, The Dark Side remains a constant member of any album sales chart around the world, with at least more than a thousand copies being sold on a weekly basis.

The first track, Speak To Me, is an epilogue that begins with a heartbeat and sound effects that will appear further on the album, a small piece of the juggernaut about to blast to through the speakers. That heartbeat represents the new life ahead of a life changing record.

When an album is life changing, the art wrapped in sound becomes immortal itself.

Written by:

Jorge A. López Mendicuti | Senior Writer


Pink Floyd’s “Speak To Me”