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Pinback’s “Fortress”

Song Of The Day

Today’s song is Fortress, which is off of Pinback’s album “Summer in Abaddon”. However, this author stumbled upon this song, and the band in general, via the June edition of our Back of the Rack article/album download. That’s the great things about Back of the Rack, you always walk away with a couple new bands to enjoy. (For those of you who don’t know, OurVinyl gives out a monthly free compilation of great songs from up and coming artists – or artists who are just deserving of your attention – and who most people don’t know about. We call it Back of the Rack. Get on it if you haven’t already! It’s free music you don’t have to feel guilty downloading) 😉

This song begins with a stellar simple swaggering rhythm section. The guitar side-steps it’s way into the scene and the momentum slowly builds. The lyrics aren’t aggressive, not at first, so it walks the line between a lean-back and listen song, and a bare bones dance number. But then the chorus kicks in, and the whole feel of the song just happily sways the listener into pop/rock heaven.

Happy Friday everyone!