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pickin on modest mouse

Pickin On’ Modest Mouse: Float On

Song Of The Day

pickin on modest mouseArtist: Pickin’ On Collaboration covering Modest Mouse
Song: Float On
Album: Pickin’ On Modest Mouse

This song is a beautiful bluegrass interpretation of an already awesome song, Modest Mouse’s “Float On”. Played so well you’d think it were the original, this jam will have your foot stompin’ and your head bobbing in a way Modest Mouse doesn’t normally lend you to do.

If you aren’t familiar with Pickin On’ (or bluegrass) this is a great introduction. Pickin’ On has covered everything from Radiohead to Led Zeppelin to Beck, The Beatles, and Coldplay. The Modest Mouse album is particularly catchy as its one of the only ones with vocals, but the way they tear up a bango, they hardly need a singer.

Float On | PICKIN ON MODEST MOUSE by textaural

Written By:
Meghan Bender | Senior Writer