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PHILM’s LP “Harmonic”

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Philm harmonic reviewThe latest super-group to come together and break out onto the music scene brings together an interesting group of players and in turn produces an unexpected and distinctively unique sound, varying completely from what any of the artists have done on their previous projects.

The band, PHILM, combines the talents of Dave Lombardo, best known as the drummer for Slayer; Gerry Nestler, the lead singer and guitarist of prog metal band Civil Defiance, and Pancho Tomaselli, the long time bass player for the band funk band, WAR.  Combined together, these three men produce a sound that is parts of so many forms and different influences of music and yet when combined together, it makes its own unique and amazing sound.

PHILM’s Vitriolize

Philm harmonic reviewThe debut album, “Harmonic”, as a whole blends together styles and influences that are parts modern trance, parts old school punk, parts 60’s and 70’s era psychedelic and even parts early 90’s grunge music. According to a press release for the album, Tomaselli has come up with a description he likes to use for PHILM’s sound. “PHILM’s sound is pure and balanced. Hard to describe, but unique. I would call it ‘novo punk.’ We also want to bring the power trio back to life.” And that would be a very accurate description.

From the very first track on the album, “Vitriolize”, you immediately know that, while Dave Lombardo is part of this band, it will sound nothing at all like a Slayer album. The song starts out with a low, ethereal and psychedelic beginning, before escalating into a deep drum beat reminiscent of old school punk rock and a guitar riff that immediately electrifies. Nestler’s vocals complete the deal and join it all together, blending the punk and psychedelic influences with flawless effort.

Philm harmonic reviewThe album as a whole is an interesting ride, it shifts musically from very intense and driven to almost soft and trance like and switches back and forth, both from song to song and even within each song, creating a sound that is extremely unique and very different from anything these three musicians have put out with their other projects.

On the track, “Held in Light”, those shifts and switches can be heard. With a trance like bass line, and whisper soft mysterious vocals as the song begins, but then switching over to heavy and hard guitar riffs and Nestler’s vocals ranging from that whisper soft into a crescendo of screaming and then back again.

PHILM’s Held In Light

The debut album hits stores on May 15th and the band is already lining up shows to support the new release. PHILM will also be doing a live webcast for the album release on May 16th at 7pm PDT, click on to check out the details on the webcast. For more details on the band and their upcoming shows, find them on Facebook at

Written by Christina Lawler

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