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Peter Terry and the City Profits


Peter Terry and the City Profits don’t take long getting things going on their latest LP, “I Am Jackson.” Ominous strings grind against a pumping kick drum on “Stripper Song,” until singer/pianist Peter Terry tears things open with his gritty, well trained voice.

Things don’t slow down too much on the Nashville, Tennessee-based band’s latest effort, and their work ethic is pretty similar. While born in Indiana, the group didn’t really take form until a move to Chicago — but it took relocating to Nashville a little over a year ago for things to really take off.

It makes sense. While Peter Terry and the City Profits is rooted in soul, rock, and folk with only minor hints of country, there is something about the blend that screams Nashville. Whether that’s the band’s notorious cello adding heart and soul, Peter Terry’s midwestern accent, or a heavy southern rock and roll influence engrained in the songwriter’s head, is hard to tell – regardless, “I Am Jackson” sounds like a Nashville-inspired effort.

In the meantime, Peter Terry and the City Profits have been in the process of getting things ready for a second studio release. The group also keeps an aggressive touring schedule, bouncing from headliners, to opening acts, to festival stops, and then starting it all over again.

Hard work is no surprise coming from a group willing to relocate across the country chasing a dream. As Peter Terry said in a recent interview, “There’s a lot of people doing a lot of stuff different these days, but they’re not doing it as hard as we are, and as passionately as we are.”

Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor